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    House rules Empty House rules

    Post  Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:47 pm

    Hey Guys! Welcome to the Hamilton Cosplay Group Forums!

    We try to create a safe and friendly environment where we can all share what we love most, Cosplay! Please respect the rules and have a good time.

    Basic Rules:
    1: Try to keep the foul language to a minimum, friendly, remember?
    2: Do not link to content that has obsessive violence, language, nudity, racist, hateful, homophobic or derogatory. This includes Sigs and Avatars, Myself and Mods will make the final decision on content.
    3:Quite simply don't troll, and don't feed the trolls.
    4: Try not to double post and create massive quote tags.
    5: Drop in a spoiler tag for well.... spoilers. This is done by doing this code [ spoiler]<Insert text here>[/ spoiler](No spaces)
    6: Don't spam, keep on topic, avoid text language and one word posts.
    8: Keep things PG13, If you really feel the need to go over that, Please keep it to a low level
    9: Listen to the Admin and Mods and if you have a problem, contact them Smile

    What happens if you break the rules?
    On these forums we have a three strike policy - three official warnings, and you get a temporary suspension, a fourth and you will be permanently banned. Usually though, unless you've done something REALLY bad, we give you a casual warning first, as a reminder not to do it again.

    Yours sincerely,
    Your Admin, Jordan.

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