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    KHII: Organization XIII Organization [Sunday]


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    KHII: Organization XIII Organization [Sunday] Empty KHII: Organization XIII Organization [Sunday]

    Post  lil-craka on Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:06 am

    KHII: Organization XIII Organization [Sunday] Khii-logo

    With the arrival of Hamilton Armageddon next year 14th-15th April 2012
    i was thinking that we could do an Kingdom Hearts II :Organization XIII cosplay group

    sooo yeah if you're interested give me a holla

    also thought it would be good to get it out there soo people could think about it for abit ...


    Xemnas = Me, lil-craka
    Xigbar = Pixel
    Xaldin = David
    Vexen= onim
    Lexaeus = Jacob
    Zexion = Club_Seth
    Saix = yummas
    Axel = FivesSorrow
    Demyx= flash_fire91
    Luxord = TomTom (no CNZ member :/)
    Marluxia = Koemix
    Larxene = Stacy
    Roxas =superjumper
    Xion= tobi-is-a-good-boy
    Riku = Rosenquarts
    Namine' =nintendeaux
    Moogle(OrgXIII) = Matt
    King Micky =

    Ohk so this will be the group for sunday Very Happy.. try and finish Hamilggedon with a Bang ...and what better way. then to do epic group cosplay XD

    I havent thought of any group activities as of yet... but if you have any ideas you'd like to put all means do Very Happy

    i hope you guys like playing the Poky game XD...

    EDIT: Also depending on when people can come... the day might get changed to saturday

    Also ..decided to add in a Namine' ...because there were some people wanting to cosplay Larxene...and i dont think we can have double ups just yet

    So there might be some more Spots left....
    I discussed this with the group and they were pretty keen for a Micky (orgXIII coat) not sure how that will work..but ima put it up here anywayz

    (Copied from the CNZ page here : Click me)

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